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Blue, Lilac, Black and White, Black and Tan, Red nosed and Tri coloured Bulldogs are NOT acceptable colours in the British Bulldog standard.

It has come to our attention that a number of people are breeding British Bulldogs or bulldog crossbreeds specifically for colours that are listed as undesirable in the bulldog standard.

These breeders are advertising these so called 'rare' colours at over inflated prices. Dont be fooled by their 'story'.

These are not 'special' colours, they are mutations that are not acceptable in the show ring.

A person breeding for a 'colour' does not care about the health of their bulldog pups. They are only breeding to produce a particular colour and to con you.

From time to time these colours do pop up in legitimate kennels, a legitimate British bulldog breeder will offer these pups on Limited (pet only) register as pets.

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