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online event

On the 14th of December at 7pm Dogs Australia will be hosting a zoom presentation on the Cambridge University Respiratory Function Grading Scheme. This scheme is about to be rolled out across Australia in the very near future.

Dr Arthur House from the Peninsula Vet Emergency & Referral Hospital is the Chief Assessor for Australia and will being training vets in mid-December in the process for grading dogs.

The purpose of this grading is to aid in the selection of dams and sires to ultimately eradicate BOAS. Please refer to the websites below for further information: CLICK HERE

This presentation is a must for anyone concerned about the health and future of our breed.

Attendance is free however you must register your interest by emailing orchid@dogsaustralia.org.au by the 7th of December, you may also submit any questions you have about the scheme and Dr House will answer them during the presentation.

Linda Dempsey - President BBCV Inc