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british bulldog calendar for sale

2022 Calendar

The 2022 British Bulldog Club Calendar is now available to purchase  Рfeaturing all the finalists selected by the Committee.

The Calendar is great for Christmas Gifts – order early as we anticipate 14 days delivery time after ordering.


88 in stock

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Never use Plastic for a Dog Water Bowl

Never use Plastic for a Dog Water Bowl

Or Ceramic Says the Study! Article by: Dr. Karen Becker - Link to facebook page What type of dog water bowl do you use? The dog water bowl has previously been identified as the third most contaminated item within the household and can be a breeding ground for...

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Caring for Brachycephalic Dog Breeds

Brachycephalic dogs belong to those breeds that have generally wider, shortened heads and in particular, they have a foreshortened muzzle. Some symptoms of BOAS are obvious and will be worse when the dog experiences stress such as exercise and warm weather conditions....

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8 week old puppies and their bones

8 week old puppies and their bones

When you get your 8 week old puppies, please keep these images in mind. Their bones do not even touch yet. They plod around so cutely with big floppy paws and wobbly movement because their joints are entirely made up of muscle, tendons, ligaments with skin covering....

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